You can send us emails (info@videkicsaj.hu) or direct messages by using the 'Contact' function. If You have any questions or any ideas, please do not hesitate to share with us. Thank You!
1. Complete our registration form after clicking on 'Registration'. We will send a confirmation e-mail to the address you provide. Please be aware of the possible delay when using free e-mail providers. If you do not receive our confirmation in a few minutes, please try again with another e-mail address.

2. Please click on the link in the confirmation e-mail to finalize your registration. After becoming a registered member on our site, you can sign in by using 'Enter'. The confirmation e-mail expires in 24 hours, in that case you will have to repeat the registration from step 1.
Yes. After signing in, you can click on 'Profile' and change your information/datas. A valid e-mail address is necessary since it's the only way we can keep contact with You.
Subscibes are for registered users only. (Very important: a valid email address have to be given, because we will be in contact via email! After registration go to 'Profile', fill all required fields on all tabs. Then go to 'Subscribe' and choose Your type and length of subscribe.
Yes, You can. It is always Your actual Profile is shown in your subscribe. You can modify/change it by clicking on 'Profile'.
No. Subscribing to our site is free at this time.
Yes You can, but cancellation (inactivate) does NOT lengthen your subscribe period!
Those advertisements (subscribes and ads) are not allowed on our sites which contains:

- You are under 18;
- If the purpose is not finding partners (for example: job offer, selling-buying etc.);
- If there is nothing in the photos other than uncovered genitals. We need you to provide photos of you, not your private parts only;
- If the text suggests that you are not looking for a partner but providing a service;
- Abusive/offensive content (photos or text);
- Subscriber provides invalid information/data about him/herself;
Our staff reserves all rights to inactivate the registration of any members without further notice in case of the following:

- the subscriber has more registrations;
- the subsciber manipulates any of the pictures (puts any text or advertisements);
- the subscriber uploads photos representing someone else;
- the subscribe text contains any links pointing to other sites;
Maximum 15 pictures can be uploaded (but at least 1)!
You can upload only jpeg type, but no limitations for its size is applied!
'Fotógarancia' label means that subscriber has prooved for the staff that the all the uploaded pictures were made from her/himself. If the subscriber adds more photos further proovement is required!
The short advertisement can be found at 'Sex ads'.
Every advertisement is visible for 4 days.
Yes, the site stores Your last five advertisements. You can resend any of them by pressing the 'Resend' button. (Restores the image too!)
Yes You can.
You can collect Your favourite profiles and browse them at 'Favourites'.
The lamps (red and green) providing information about the state of Your profile. Their meaning (from left to right):

The statement of Your registration: - green: You are an authorized user, Your subscribe can be visible on the site. red - You are a NOT authorized user. Your susbcribe is not visible on the site (even not if it is still not expired). Possible reasons: You break the terms. Your registration is inactivated (not deleted), means that You can log in and after solving the issue You can be an active user again!

2. The validity of Your profile: - green: You have filled all required fields and uploaded at least 1 picture. These things are necessary to subscribe. - red: You haven't filled all required fields or have not uploaded any pictures.

3. 'Fotógarancia': - green: Genuineness of Your pictures is verified by the staff. - red: Genuineness of Your pictures are NOT verified by the staff. Subscribes not having 'Fotógaracia' label are shown after the ones that have. For 'Fotógarancia' You have to picture Yourself in clothes/underwear/naked as You wear in already loaded picture(s), while You are holding a paper with videkicsaj.hu and Your client number written to it with Your own handwriting. Then send the picture to info@videkicsaj.hu e-mail address.

The lamps, pointing the cursor to them, are provinding text information about the states mentioned above.